Cableway Services

Installation of cableway systems

As a result of decades of experience in the installation and deinstallation of cableways and material cableways, Heinz Altmann AG is a specialist for installation work in the cableway industry and provides a variety of services. In addition to installation and deinstallation, Altmann carries out the renovation and revision of cableway systems.

Altmann’s experience is extensive. In international projects, the cableway experts at Altmann installed passenger cableways, as well as material cableways and heavy-duty cableways.


Material cableways for the timber and construction industries

In the case of construction projects in the mountains and on difficult terrain, material cableways or cable crane devices offer a logistics solution in order to transport construction materials to unreachable construction sites. Whether for pipeline construction, in the construction of power stations, reservoirs or bridges, material cableways constantly offer the possibility to transport heavy loads in a secure manner. This way, loads of up to 20 tonnes can be transported long distances and unloaded at any location along the way.

Altmann has extensive experience in the installation of complex cable crane devices (also including passenger transportation, among other things) and has installed facilities worldwide for the transport of heavy loads. Furthermore, Altmann has cableway systems that can be used for this purpose.

Visit our projects in order to gain an insight into our installation work.


Installation of passenger cableway systems

In addition to good cableway systems, Heinz Altmann AG also specialises in the installation, deinstallation and maintenance work of passenger cableway systems. Altmann has installed cableways for the leading manufacturer of cableway systems and ski lifts, as well as providing them with assistance. Completed projects also include reversible aerial cableways, circulating cableways, gravity cableways, chairlifts, aerial cableways, funicular railways and button lifts in Switzerland and abroad.

In addition to complete installation, Altmann also offers partial installation, such as solely installing supporting structures or removal of support, among other things.

Altmann has the machine, materials and capacities to complete cableway installation – lorries, installation cableways, steel construction, pulling and lifting equipment, installation with climbing pins and much more.


Since more than 20 years we have been working in the cableway industry working on very diverse projects for material- and passenger ropeways.


We have a lot of experience in the assembly, disassembly or re-building of cableway systems – visit our projects

We undertake the complete deinstallation, installation, renovation, as well as revision of cableway systems. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.