Quality machines and equipment

We have access to a large fleet of machines that we employ depending on the project and assignment; whether this involves the installation of a cableway or material cableway, timber production on steep terrain, removal of windthrow or other installation work.

Like our staff, our machines and equipment can be hired for projects in Switzerland and abroad.


Material cableways

A modular cableway system that can be designed and planned according to requirements – lengths of up to 4,000 metres and cargo loads of up to 20 tonnes.


Cable winches

Cable winches in various sizes – for long-distance cableways for the transportation of timber, pulling work and material cableways for heavy loads of up to 200 kN.


Travelling winch

For our material cableways and long-distance cableways we have cable cranes with a cargo load of up to 20 tonnes.



Various lorries with loading areas – e.g. for transporting logs and crane construction.


Mountain harvester / tilt mast

Our three mountain harvesters or tilt mast machines can be used for timber production and feature the most modern technology for all over.


Wheeled harvester

With the wheeled harvester that has a securing winch (12 tonnes), trees can processed on site (branch removal and cross-cutting).


Telescopic forklifts

A forklifts with a telescopic arm, in order to be able to move heavy loads on uneven terrain and, for example, to be able to load them into containers.


Forestry tractors

A tractor with a crane and double cable winches – in order to carry out pulling work on the ground and immediate addition of stories using the crane.

Our fleet of machines are available to you – we lease all equipment with or without staff.