About Heinz Altmann AG


Heinz Altmann AG is a multifaceted service provider with a variety of specialists in forestry, construction and the cableway sector.
The company was founded by Heinz Altmann in 1987 as a forestry business. Among other things, long-distance cableway systems were often used for timber production. Expert knowledge in cableway systems created a second field of business for Heinz Altmann AG: the installation of cableways and material cableways.
Over the course of 28 years, the company has continuously developed and expanded its field of business – however continuing to operate in forestry (timber production and timber trade). Today, general and special installation work in the cableway sector (e.g. installation of cableway systems) is still the main field of business of Heinz Altmann AG.

In addition, the company operates as a manpower leasing company. Heinz Altmann AG has a variety of specialists in forestry, cableway installation and in the construction industry, who are available on a temporary basis for various projects worldwide.

Today, Heinz Altmann AG employees are hired for important projects all over the world – whether in forestry, cableway installation or as temporary staff.

Professional services with quality


Heinz Altmann AG stands for quality and professionalism. We always endeavour to provide the best service for our clients in all activities.

Owing to professional planning, our expertise and great dedication, clients can always expect a smooth process. In addition to ensuring quality and timely completion, safety is also an important aspect for us.

Versatile specialists


At Altmann we have a variety of specialists, who have experience in various fields of the construction, cableway and timber industries. This enables us to ensure our high aspirations with regard to quality in a variety of activities; whether in the deinstallation of cableway systems, support or installation of entire cableway systems and material cableway systems, in timber production on steep terrain, transportation of timber or construction work, such as e.g. propping and stabilisation of buildings. Our wide range of specialists, our experience and know-how contribute to the fulfilment of our clients’ requirements.



Professional installation and deinstallation of material and passenger cableway systems: long-distance cableways, heavy-duty cableways, reversible aerial cableways, circulating cableways. Altmann has the competence and experience to complete complex.



Timber production, thinning on steep terrain and specialist felling on difficult-to-access terrain, in Switzerland and abroad. We provide a complete service and have special machines, such as harvesters, tilt masts and long-distance cableways.


Experts in installation, in the construction industry and in forestry. Temporarily hire experienced fitters, digger operators, machine operators and much more, in Switzerland and abroad. Altmann staff leasing is founded on quality, dedication and competence.

We dispose of a huge experience in all of our working fields. Contact us for a quotation!