Experienced forestry company

Timber production is one of the specialised fields of Heinz Altmann AG. For over 25 year, the Swiss company has worked in forestry in Switzerland and abroad, for which it is certified. Altmann uses a great variety of methods, techniques and machines for this. Forestry work on difficult and steep terrain, inaccessible slopes and mountains belong to their specialist field. Our outstandingly trained and experienced staff undertake work in forest areas with great professionalism.


Experts in felling - specialists in steep terrain

With long-distance cableways, tilt masts and helicopters we are in the position to prepare and transport timber manually or by machine from almost unreachable areas – for example rugged areas. Whether uphill – or downhill.
In addition to traditional timber production, Altmann specialises in special felling on difficult terrain – whether for example felling trees on inaccessible terrain, in the surroundings of railway systems and in residential areas or gardens. Furthermore, Altmann has much experience in the removal of windthrow and rocks.


Modern equipment for professional workmanship

In order to carry out timber production in as professional and efficient a manner, Altmann has the necessary machines. Mountain harvesters, wheeled harvesters, tilt mast equipment, timber lorries, long-distance cableways, cable winches and much more, detailed information on our machines can be found here.


Forestry in Switzerland and internationally

In the past, Altmann has carried out forestry work throughout Switzerland and Europe. In addition, Altmann was contracted- among other things – for the removal of windthrow following storms. In Sweden, Altmann processed approximately 24,000 lorry-loads of logs in 10 months with workers from 16 nations. Following storm Kyrill, Altmann also completed forestry work for the Bavarian national forest and the Austrian state owned woods.


Comprehensive service in the forestry industry

In addition to the refurbishment and removal of trees (also on steep terrain), Altmann provides comprehensive service, such as logistics, including the removal of fallen timber and the timber trade.


Logging in steep terrain, special logging in completely inaccessible areas as well as timber transport and trade. We take over your logging works.

Do you need support with forestry work, help with felling in difficult areas? Please contact us for professional handling.