Manpower leasing at a high level

Heinz Altmann AG is a licensed company for staff leasing. As a result of the various tasks of our company in the cableway sector, in forestry and in the construction industry, Altmann has a large pool of specialists and experienced installation technicians. Our staff have worked on various construction sites in different areas in Switzerland and the entire world. We provide this know-how and the abilities of the installation technicians, machine operators and construction workers to companies in need of experts.


Experts for hire

We have specialised staff in various sectors – in cableway construction, for special installation in the construction industry and forestry.

We provide clients the use of machine operators, installation technicians, digger operators, walking excavator operators, crane operators, logistics experts and many well trained members of staff at a high level for temporary assistance in projects in Switzerland and abroad. Our trained staff (also in teams) can undertake entire sections of projects (e.g. installation of support structures) and if necessary, have access to the materials or machines of Heinz Altmann AG.


Manpower leasing á la Altmann

Heinz Altmann AG views manpower leasing in a particular way.

It is our greatest concern that leased employees fulfil the requirements of our clients; in the case of any inconsistencies, we will ensure an immediate solution. Reliability, expert knowledge and motivation are the characteristics of all of our trained employees. We select our employees to the best of our knowledge; in most cases, the installation technicians, machine operators, digger operators, lorry drivers, etc. are mainly involved in our own projects.

Specialists for your project

Our staff bring expertise and reliability for successful project implementation.

Do you need professional, temporary workers for forestry, construction work, installation work and cableway systems? We have a vast pool of experts that can help you.